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KMW Loaders are rugged, durable, and built to last. Able to handle serious daily use, our loaders make the toughest chores effortless. Their innovative, modern design gives operators features like these and help to maximize your investment:

  • clear view providing trouble-free operation
  • amazing serviceability
  • great for feedlots, road crews, recreation, and more!


KMW knows you need reliable equipment. Our innovative backhoes are designed to be powerful and durable. Built to deliver the rugged equipment you deserve, each KMW backhoe features:

  • an open, modern operator area for visibility and precision
  • high-quality valves with tight tolerances combined with in
  • circuit port relief valves to protect your investment
  • optional mechanical thumb kits
  • single or dual cushion swing cylinders, depending on backhoe size

Product models

Loader Specifications 1220 1440 1660
1750 1760
1760 HL 1860 1960
Tractor HP 45-75 60-110 80-130 90-180 110-190 110-190 140-255 200-380
Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Point 10’-4“ 11’-8“ 12’-10“ 13’-8“ 13’-8“ 14’-8“ 15’ 16’
Clearance with Bucket Fully Dumped 8’-2“ 9’-2“ 10’-1“ 11’-5“ 11’-5“ 12’-5“ 12’-4“ 13’-7.5“
Reach at Maximum Lift Height 2’-2“ 3’-8“ 2’-8“ 3’-6“ 4’-2“ 3’-9“ 2’ 26.25“
Dump Angle 40° 42° 42° 37° 40° 36° 40° 40°
Reach with Bucket on Ground 6’-1“ 7’-0“ 7’-5“ 7’-10“ 8’-5“ 9’-2“ 8’-7“ 10’-0“
Rollback Angle 17° 30° 32° 25° 32° 32° 32° 30°
Dig Depth 5.5“ 4.75“ 4“ 4“ 3“ 3“ 3“ 7“
Lift Capacity to Max. Height at Pivot Point 3609 lbs. 4400 lbs. 4750 lbs. 4500 lbs. 5600 lbs. 5600 lbs. 6400 lbs. 7200 lbs.

* The KMW S-Series loaders mount directly onto OE loader-ready brackets, just plug in the hydraulics and your loader is ready to use!

Backhoe Specifications 6.6' Backhoe 7.2' Backhoe 9.3' Backhoe
Maximum Digging Depth 80" 86" 112"
Digging Depth (2' Flat Bottom) 77" 84" 109"
Swing Arc 140° 145° 178°
Loading Height (60° Bucket) 60" 68" 82"
Reach from Centerline of Swing Pivot 98" 114" 147"
Maximum Transport Height 66" 73" 99"
Bucket Rotation 185° 185° 180°
Loading Reach (60° Bucket) 39" 47" 63"
Transport Overhang 38" 45" 99"
Undercut 21" 20" 30"
Stabilzer Spread (Fully Extended) 86" 86" 106"
Stabilzer Spread (Up Position) 50" 50" 66.5"
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force 2050 lbs. 2440 lbs. 4800 lbs.
Dipper Cylinder Digging Force 1256 lbs. 1510 lbs. 2800 lbs.
Hydraulic Pressure Requirement 2050 psi 2100 psi 2750 psi

KMW will design products to meet your specifications, reach out to see how we can meet your backhoe needs.



We design loaders to fit AGCO, Buhler, Case International, John Deere, McCormick, and New Holland tractors. Specifications based on ASAE Standards 5301.3 and furnished for general information as they can vary with different tractor models.

About us


We combine innovative engineering, modern manufacturing technology, and expert craftsmanship… all the right ingredients for great loaders, backhoes, and attachments.

Who we are

Today, KMW combines innovative precision engineering, modern manufacturing technology, and expert craftsmen, the perfect ingredients for excellent loaders, backhoes, grapples, and other attachments. KMW has a successful 30-year track record of building RUGGED products through and through. We don’t just say our products are strong and dependable, we prove it time and time again with rigorous, extensive testing to assure unequaled industry performance standards.

Solid, strong, high-quality materials are used throughout the construction of each part. Advanced, high-tech machines in the manufacture of our loaders, backhoes, grapples, and other attachments ensure consistency, quality, precision, and uniformity. KMW has three manufacturing facilities supporting production in Sterling, Great Bend, and Lyons Kansas. KMW always keeps an eye on the future, looking for ways to improve and streamline the manufacturing process, we are driven to produce superior, enduring products that both customers and KMW will always be proud of.

How it started

In 1965, KMW was founded in Sterling Kansas, the heart of the Midwest, as Ark Manufacturing Co., initially a manufacturer of soil packers and trailers for hauling swathers. In 1968 it added small loaders for the lawn and garden industry to its product offering. Renamed KMW Inc in 1983, KMW has been building and growing ever since. While original equipment (OEM) loaders and backhoes have been the primary focus, KMW’s product offering has grown to include a wider range of loader sizes handling up to 380 hp as well as backhoes, grapples and other attachments.

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„Every good company is primarily build on people and our employees are proof of that.“

Lubomír Stoklásek

„A strong reputation is the result of a strong team and relentless pursuit of quality. That has been the driver of our success over the years, and we maintain our focus on those key items every day, continually driving our growth into the future.“

Wayne Buchberger


Read on, find out what's been going on lately at KMW!

Plans for Growth Announced

Plans for Growth Announced


KMW Ltd, a leading manufacturer of loaders, backhoes, and attachments, is pleased to announce that they are growing. Plans for building new facilities situated in Sterling, Kansas, are well underway. The new construction will include 430,000+ square feet under roof, located on a new 150-acre site near the new highway interchange in Sterling. This expansion will result in KMW growing to employ approximately 450 people when fully completed.

About KMW Learning Academy

About KMW Learning Academy


The creation of the KMW Learning Academy enables us to build a pipeline of diverse employees, meeting the demand for skilled workers while equipping them with needed skills and knowledge for success on the job and advances in career development. Our apprenticeships create an "earn while you learn” career pathway, allowing workers to grow skills, advance into higher-level jobs within KMW, and increase financial stability. This is a win-win for KMW and its team.

KMW Innovates

KMW Innovates


KMW is a precision manufacturer of loaders, backhoes, grapples, and other attachments. Founded in 1965, KMW currently employs about 200 people at its three plants in Sterling, Great Bend, and Lyons, Kansas. On the cutting edge of technology, KMW strives to innovate the manufacturing process.


Take a look at what innovative engineering, efficient manufacturing, and highly skilled craftsmanship can do for you.

OEM Excellence

We take great pride in producing superb quality OEM front-end loaders and backhoes with a full complement of options and accessories. KMW delivers true USA-made quality with value, making us very competitive in the marketplace. It’s a blend of innovative engineering, efficient manufacturing, and dependable, hard-working craftsmen. That’s what has made KMW a successful custom OEM source for 30 years.

Modeling Through advanced Engineering

KMW will design products to your specifications, using modeling and advanced engineering — with high-tech design systems and solid modeling. Or, if you prefer, we can work with you in selecting one of our current products to efficiently adapt to your specific needs.

Endurance Testing

At KMW, thorough endurance testing is standard procedure. Strain gauge and cycle testing, plus extensive field operation testing, assures reliable products which meet rigid performance standards — a level of quality in which you can have full confidence.

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Our manufacturing processes ensure the highest level of accuracy and structural strength proving KMW products are Simply Rugged; as long-lasting and hard-working and as their proud owners.

Fiber Laser Cutter

The KMW products are built with precision. Our laser cutting process allows us quick and very accurate cutting of materials. The system is computerized and automated to be able to run 24 hours a day for the greatest efficiency of production.

Whitney Plasma Punch

Plasma Punches are utilized to maximize the quality of parts by being able to coin the holes in a design with exact hole alignments and fast cycle times.

Advanced Brake Presses

KMW brake presses offer 3D programming capabilities and dependably provide precise repeatable bends. This simplifies the process for the operators to ensure that every product is correctly made with the highest accuracy each time.

Vertical-Tilt Frame Saws

These computerized units used by KMW, are capable of handling 500 programmed products each. Each cut is done in batches of multiple pieces per run ensuring the highest accuracy and efficiency of the product.

Robotic Welding

KMW makes many of its products utilizing a robotic welding process. These robotic welders utilize computerized 3D modeling software enabling the production of high-volume parts at unprecedented speeds and efficiency.

CNC Machining Mill

KMW’s CNC vertical machining mills efficiently handle metals to craft accurate and intricate parts and components crucial to the products we take pride in manufacturing every day.

Quality Assurance Testing

KMW conducts regular computerized lab and field testing to maintain the highest quality standards for our products. This helps us ensure that computer analysis of product performance is verified with real-life field conditions to ensure that KMW products live up to their Simply Rugged reputation every day.

Premier Powder Coating

KMW’s powder coating system includes shot blasting, washing, and polymerization up to 600°F (315°C) with embedded QC controls like Data Paq’s process performance monitoring and testing tools to control and verify paint thickness confirming the superior paint performance of powder-coated items.

Color matching

KMW loaders are not only rugged, but they’re also ruggedly handsome. All powder-coated products are color-matched and painted to suit all design and use needs.


KMW Ltd.
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Sterling Toll Free: 800-445-7388
Sterling Local: (620) 278-3641
Sterling Fax: (620) 278-2388

Branch production plants
KMW Great Bend
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Great Bend, KS 67530

KMW Ltd. Lyons
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