KMW Innovates


KMW is a precision manufacturer of loaders, backhoes, grapples, and other attachments. Founded in 1965, KMW currently employs about 200 people at its three plants in Sterling, Great Bend, and Lyons, Kansas. On the cutting edge of technology, KMW strives to innovate the manufacturing process.

Recently KMW has invested in innovation by adding to its manufacturing machinery portfolio additional laser, press, and powder-coat paint machines. By employing advanced, high-tech machines in the manufacture of our loaders, backhoes, grapples, and other attachments we ensure the consistency, quality, precision, and uniformity of every product produced.

KMW uses quality assurance testing methods to refine and reduce stress points. Endurance cycle testing is also used to push the limits of the performance of our product to meet the highest standards. KMW is always looking to the future for ways to improve and streamline the manufacturing process while maintaining to high-quality standards, ensuring excellent products every time.

KMW Innovates